The Basic - Board Duties

What Nonprofit Boards Need to Do to Protect the Public Interest

Nonprofit boards typically recruit people who can represent the people served and who bring a range of skills and expertise in such areas as finance, communications, and management, along with a connection to the organization’s mission. Most nonprofits also expect board members to make a meaningful financial contribution to the organization themselves.

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Mirebalais Avant Tout Fundraising Gala 2022

3rd Anniversary Celebration Gallery – Boston MA

Mirebalais Avant Tout, Inc (MAT) has been running many activities and programs. Among them are MATAssur, MATRathon, Cleaning Campaign, COVID-19 Campaign, Restored the tomb of the Great Benoit Batraville, helped to build a Salle D’audience for the town’s Justice Clerk, donated materials and supplies to HUM, etc…This video summarizes some of the accomplishments of the organization for the last three years.

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MAT - Mirebalais Avant Tout, Inc.

Lycée de Mirebalais – Galerie des Directeurs et Censeurs

À l’occasion du cinquantenaire de cette institution, je présente les noms de ceux – là qui ont servi le lycée de 1968 à nos jours. Il est important de rappeler qu’avant la construction du bâtiment logeant le lycée, la maison de l’ancien député Roberson Louis l’a accueilli et Monsieur Victor Délusmé assurait le rôle de directeur de 1968 à 1970

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Peace Education should be part of the curriculum taught to Mirebalaisians.


MAT engages in a social-economical fight to bring relief to Mirebalaisians.


With you as our guide, we shall help you to achieve social-economic success.

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